Monday, March 30, 2009

Women vs Men

This is something which I harvested from the web.

(A) How to Keep a Woman Happy"*
It's not at all difficult !

All you have to do is to be:

1. A friend
2. A companion
3. A lover
4. A brother
5. A father
6. A master
7. A chef
8. An electrician
9. A carpenter
10. A plumber
11. A mechanic
12. A decorator
13. A stylist
16. A psychologist
17. A pest exterminator
18. A psychiatrist
19. A healer
20. A good listener
21. An organizer
22. A good father
23. Very clean
24. Sympathetic
25. Athletic
26. Warm
27. Attentive
28. Gallant
29. Intelligent
30. Funny
31. Creative
32. Tender
33. Strong
34. Understanding
35. Tolerant
36. Prudent
37. Ambitious
38. Capable
39. Courageous
40. Determined
41. True
42. Dependable
43. Passionate


44. Give her compliments regularly
45. Love shopping
46. Be honest
47. Be very rich
48. Not stress her out
49. Not look at other girls


50. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
51. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself
52. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes


53. Never to forget: birthdays anniversaries arrangements she makes


1. Leave him in peace
2. Feed him well.
3. Let him have the remote control.

...... are you seriously looking for more??

This is a fun post. Women: Do take it sportingly and Men: Laugh away!!


Winnie the poohi said...

Ah very old email forward :)

Something on similar lines..


There is a man who has three girlfriends, but he does not know which one to marry.
So he decides to give each one $5000 and see how each of them spends it.

The first one goes out and gets a total makeover with the money.
She gets new clothes, a new hairdo, manicure, pedicure, the works, and tells the man,
"I spent the money so I could look pretty for you because I love you so much."

The second one went out and bought new golf clubs, a CD player, a television, and a stereo and gives them to the man.
She says, "I bought these gifts for you with the money because I love you so much."

The third one takes the $5000 and invests it in the stock market, doubles her investment, returns the $5000 to the man
and reinvests the rest. She says, "I am investing the rest of the money for our future because I love you so much."

The man thought long and hard about how each of the women spent the money and decided to marry the one
with the biggest breasts

Ordinary Guy said...

LOL dude... This is so darn funny and so is winnie's comment.... :)

compared to women, our lives do seem to be very simple.... :)

first time here, so Hi...

gauri said...

How to make a man happy: Laugh at this joke no matter how many times it makes its appearance :-|

ROFL@winnie's comment.

Got here from rambodoc's; nice space :)


brocasarea said...

some things are not not looking at other

and yeah giving compl really works!!:D

Usha Pisharody said...

Out and out rollicking, but a tad old fashioned, dont you think? Lol!

Meena's reply is v much in place. Men like to keep it simple, right?

Reminds me of Dhiren's post on the world's shortest and funniest joke:D [hitchwriter's] :D!

vishesh said...

lol :P

sindhu said...

Winnie said it right, there is only one thing that a man needs and it is...(should I spell it out!)Women, yeah, a lot more complicated and hence so many jokes that make men laugh and some of too! Good one, am a first timer here but will keep myself updated!

Crafty Shines said...

these women i tell u!!!!!

wha? don't look at me! i'm not like that at all...well not almost...maybe a lil bit...oh what the hell! i'm all of that! :P

but u must not confuse the the total lack of enthu in men with simplicity....they aren't simple...they're just lazy to have emotions!!!!! :P :P hee!

Chirag said...

;) got this as an email. Funny. And almost true.

Vyazz said...

Better make sure the Mahila Mandal doesnt read this.....or ur in for a rough time!!!... :)

Reema said...


Smita said...

*chuckles within* but here *glares*

Solilo said...

I agree that we are difficult. :)):))

Mars vs. Venus, eh?

And how to make a man happy?

Just tell him how macho he looks and also laugh at every dumb thing he says and make him believe that he has the last word.

Solilo said...

Biju, Read Dhiren's post on 'shortest joke of the year'.

Ha..ha..ha.. that explains men.

Indyeah said...

LOL!!good one and such a short list?:PP

LOL@winnie's and solilo's comments:D:D

vimmuuu said...

are you kidding me?? to keep a woman happy is not difficult???? Its practically impossible !!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hehehe!! Nice! :D

Destination Infinity said...

This is a good one... But I think both men and women are equally complicated. Only, the men don't accept it!

Destination Infinity

Biju Mathews said...

@ Winnie: Ha Ha. That was good. I've heard the joke before. Thanks for putting it here. Yeah, men are men and won't change :-)

@ Ordinary Guy: "hi" to you too. Thanks for coming by.. Oh, yeah, men are such simple folks :-)

@ Gauri: Thanks Gauri! Laugh at this joke no matter how many times it makes its appearance :-)

Biju Mathews said...

@ Brocasarea: Oh, yeah, how can we not look at women :-)

@ Usha: Ha Ha. Yeah, it's a bit old fashioned.

@ Vijesh: LOL :-)

Biju Mathews said...

@ Sindhu: Ha Ha. Yeah, Winnie said it right :-) Welcome here!

@ Crafty: wha? don't look at me! i'm not like that at all...well not almost...maybe a lil bit...oh what the hell! i'm all of that! :-) Ha ha.

Right! They are lazy to have emotions :-)

Biju Mathews said...

@ Chirag: Ha ha. Almost true!

@ Vyazz: Oh, yeah, hope the "Mahila Mandal" doesn't read this Ha ha

@ Reema: LOL :-)

Biju Mathews said...

@ Smitha: Ha ha

@ Solilo: "...Just tell him how macho he looks and also laugh at every dumb thing he says and make him believe that he has the last word.." Ha Ha. Yeah, you summed it up :-)

Biju Mathews said...

@ Indyeah: Such a short list, cute, nah? *wink* *wink* LOL

@ Vimmuu: Ha Ha, yeah, practically impossible but SHHhhh, lets not say that aloud :-)

Biju Mathews said...

@ Mirror Cracked: Ha Ha. yeah, it's nice one Nikhil :-)

@ Destination Infinity: Ha HA. Actually men are the most complicated :-)

Sylvia K said...

A friend of mine sent this to me last week and it did generate a big laugh!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I've joined your followers and look forward to visiting.

Shadowthorne said...

:) :) (:

Biju Mathews said...

@Sylvia: Thanks! Welcome to my blog! I look forward to vist your space regularly!

Biju Mathews said...

@Shadowthorne: :-) :-)

SSQuo said...

Funny! The list of what a guy needs def. needs to include women (or men depending on the preference). Glad you stopped by my blog! :)

Menaka said...

Im just thinking; if women...
1. Leave him in peace
2. Feed him well.
3. Let him have the remote control.

would it be ok for her to go cheat on him all the time???

first time here... hi
and sorry im a sort of feminist so i guess mahila mandal did find their way in here :P

Murtaza said...

I recently got married and now I know how each of these points is so very true

Anonymous said...

Read if you like.. delete if you don't:

“As long as there is breath in this body, I will serve in this Hospital at every available opportunity.”

And true to his resolve, George Melkay has been serving at the Hospital traveling from Kerala twice every year continuously for the last fourteen years.

drNO said...

but keeping a man is hard too u know. man can be such a baby, u can't afford a mistake.

kanagu said...

LOL Biju.. great list :)

LOL @ Vimal and Solilo's comments..

Nothing to add from my part :)

hitch writer said...

lol... its something even i have read... by the way i love that macro photo in your header...

adding u to my blog roll !

roop said...

lol biju!!!!!!! thanks for sharing this. a great laugh

....... said...

That exactly what my husband wants!!

Indian Home Maker said...

lol :))
I agree with Solilo about the shortest joke on Hitchwriter's blog :)
PS It isn't a joke.

Biju Mathews you left a comment on my blogspot blog,
I have moved to Wordpress, this is my new address, do drop in for a cup of tea :)

Preeti said...

good one !!

I am sorry even I am not much blogging nowdays ....some other things taking all my time ... will come back and read your other posts

ahn_18 said...

nice info.......