Monday, October 13, 2008

Blinded Ego

The average mortal does not know what to do with this life, yet he wants another one which will last forever. The realistic face of truth is everywhere but it's possible to hide from the truth by masking it. But hiding behind the mask of ego and the false excitement or the feeling of greatness which it creates, we delude ourselves into believing that we are what we project ourselves and we love the joy and the feeling of having ‘fun’ even though we are suffering from insecurity and uncertainty. There is utterly no constancy in the happiness of ego.

What seems to be the reason that people get so angry? I'm not a doctor, nor am I accredited to diagnose anyone, but many people who are angry, suffer from some dose of low-self esteem. Of course it doesn't even appear that way on the surface. It's evident that they are unhappy with themselves or with one aspect of their lives but they have created a front end image for themselves and believe that they are not being credited and respected.

Sometimes our egoistic thoughts can be a source of great motivation i.e. you judge yourself as a genius, and you are convinced and confident about doing anything in the world. But does that also make us stubborn if faced with a difficult path? At the same time a high internally egoistic mind can often lead us to dismiss the sentiments of other people as we are very self-absorbed and respect others view points. It's said that - "The person who is self-centered is the most loving of all." Thinking about it more and more I now want to believe that it could be very much true. Don't you think that the human being loves the fact that others also love themselves and instead of calling them selfish, he admires and respects their self-love? Moreover, just like he doesn't mind the flaws in himself, he also ignores the flaws of others!

External ego can be a mixture of the position you have achieved in life or the podium you stand in, i.e., age, your accumulated knowledge, experiences and character. Maybe all this contributes to an egoistic belief that we certainly need to be treated in a particular way. They feel that people need to respect them. Examples can be seen most at the work place, relationships involving successful spouses etc. Over time this egoistic mask becomes your reality.

Having said this, the thought is actually a double edged sword. People thinking too low of themselves can suffer from want of self-pity and a total loss of confidence. We should definitely mix and develop ego with compassion and empathy. It feels good to stand on a stage and feel for the person who wants to be you and not be perturbed and distracted when even a small thing goes out of order, or is not according to our anticipations. I guess we should just believe in time!

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